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May Membership Meeting Notes

Membership Meeting May 7, 2017

Old Business: 

  • None to discuss

Approve Minutes of November Meeting

  • motion – Jennifer Carrasco
  • second – Lindsey Thomas

Any other items carried over: None

Contest Items:

  • None to discuss

Budget Items: 

  • Review Budget from 2017 and discuss options for 2018
  • Judges were slightly over but were close to budget.
    • Extra show on the 11th made for the additional expense, was not originally in the  budget for the additional airfare.
  • •Keep the rebate for the regional for units who attend.

New Business: 

  • None to discuss

Judging Items: William

  • Invested in ecertify program for local judges
  • Wanted to achieve more of a WGI standard locally
  • WGI individuals can come more easily in February- be ready sooner for that exposure
  • More people can come judge
  • Form for judges- 
  • Feedback form for season— on website for the entire season

WGI Regional:

  • WGI Denver Regional is scheduled for XXXXX
  • We need to start looking at contest venues within 150 miles from Denver.
    • If you know of a site that could host on a Saturday from February 10 – March 17, please notify The board.
    • First weekend of March- 3 or 10th
    • RMCGA is the host and pays the fees
    • The site is reimbursed by RMCGA.
    • Needs to seat 1500 – 2000

Proposed Contest Schedule for 2018:

  • January 20, 2018 – eval?
  • January 27, 2018
  • February 3, 2018
  • February 10, 2018
  • February 17, 2018
  • February 24, 2018
  • March 3, 2018
  • March 10, 2018
  • March 17, 2018
  • March 24, 2018
  • March 31, 2018
  • April 7, 2018- RMCGA Championships
  • WGI World Championships – 12-14


President nominee(s) –

Tim Lester- Withdrawn

Michael Malewit- President 

Liz Haan

Ashley Cook

Joe Keating- No does not accept nomination

  • Nominations from the floor:

Adam Abraham

Treasure nominee(s) –

Peggy Sparks- Treasurer

Sharie Heth

  • Nominations from the floor: None

Members-at-Large nominee(s) –

Christopher arroyo

Katie Thompson

Amy Mooney- member at large

Adam Abraham- member at large

Lindsey Thomas

Katelyn Kellogg

Francisco Castaneda

Scot McGiveron- member at large

  • 1 year term
  • Nominations from the floor:

Jordan Jacobsen

Danniell Isaac

Current Board members:

Vince Hodges (President)

Jenn Carrasco (VP)

Corinne Greenrod (Secretary)

Peggy Sparks (Treasurer)


Ashley Cook

Liz Hann

Danniell Isaac

  • New board positions will take effect July 1, 2017
  • Current board members will work with incoming members until then

Any other new business:

  • none

Discuss and vote on proposals:

Proposals posted on website

  1. Pass/Fail- Withdrawn

RMCGA should include a Senior Division in their divisions.

  1. Pass/Fail- Withdrawn

RMCGA should choose contest sponsors based on venue specifications first.

    1. List out priorities and make sure that there best venue is more specific.
    2. Geography first priority, seating capacity, warm up situation,  
    3. Board will ensure that best venue is selected. 
  1. Pass/Fail- 37 votes for- Passed

To Clearly define criteria and procedures for all non WGI classes mid-season promotions. In order to consider a unit for a mid-season promotion one or more of the following must occur:

1: The unit has posted a score that is projected to be Box 5 by state championships using the WGI score seeding formula of 1.5 points per week through the second week before state competitive week. If a unit posts a score that is projected to be a 90.0 or higher by the last competitive weekend, then they would be considered for promotion. If their projected score is less than 90.0, then they can not be considered for promotion. ( Removed)

At the evaluation/preview show, or during the season, the chief judge may promote any team when the judging panel believes that team will be competitive in the top half of the class into which the team is to be promoted. Promotions may occur through two competitive shows before State. In that situation, the team may be promoted at its first show in March (which would be its second competitive appearance). A proper ceremony with pins/medals and music should be accorded to any teams achieving promotion at a competitive show.

The Judging panel as a collective whole is very confident that the unit should finish in the top half of the next class up if promoted. This method would require judges to correspond with each other to determine if this is a high enough probability to justify a promotion.

In the event that either or both of these things occur, as a courtesy, the staff of the unit would be notified ahead of the retreat when the announcement will be made. The announcement will be made accordingly:

Announce all units in order from last to 2nd place. Before announcing 1st place, ceremonial music begins, followed by an announcement for all of the units members and staff to join their captains on the floor. Once all members and staff are on the floor with their captains, the announcement is made “And in 1st place, with a score of ??.?…… Please welcome the newest member of the Scholastic A (or Independent A) class, (announce the units name).

Lastly, if a unit is officially promoted, but their show does not meet timing requirements for the next class up, the timing penalties shall be waived for the remainder of the season, so long as they met the timing requirements of the class they originally signed up for.

A promoted unit must remain in the division they are promoted to for the remainder of the season.

  1. Pass/Fail- Withdrawn

Amend the “Seeding for State Championships” section of the procedures document to state the following: All units will be seeded for state championships using their most recent local score increased by 1.5 points per week till the end of the competitive calendar. Classes with more than six units will compete in a preliminary round. Classes with more than twelve units will be assigned in an alternating manner into equal rounds of no greater than twelve units. The top half of scoring units from preliminary competition will advance to finals, always taking the middle unit should a class have an odd number of competitors. Units will perform in the reverse order of seed score or preliminary score with the highest score performing last. Units with identical scores will randomly be assigned as to who performs first.

  1. Pass/Fail- 40 votes for- Passed

Add the following statement to the “Recruitment Policy” section of the procedures document. Units may not take members who have outstanding dues to another organization, punishable by disqualification if no meaningful attempts (through direct communication with the unit director) were made by the unit to become aware of the issue and should the issue go unresolved. Issues that go unresolved will be decided by the board president.

  1. Pass/Fail- 42 votes for- Passed

Establish a Senior Class utilizing the Open Class criteria. Senior Class would be open to all ages.

  1. Pass/Fail- 42 votes for- Passed

RMCGA should utilize a Championship Preliminary Performance Order. For preliminary classes, or rounds, with fewer than seven teams, performance order will be randomized. For preliminary classes, or rounds, with between eight and ten teams, seeding scores will be used to split the class, or round, in half and then performance order will be randomized within the halves.

  1. Pass/Fail- Withdrawn

At the evaluation/preview show, or during the season, the chief judge may promote any team when the judging panel believes that team will be competitive in the top half of the class into which the team is to be promoted. Promotions may occur through the month of February unless a team does not compete at more than one of the first three required shows until March. In that situation, the team may be promoted at its first show in March (which would be its second competitive appearance). A proper ceremony with pins/medals and music should be accorded to any teams achieving promotion at a competitive show.

  1. Pass/Fail- 34 votes for- Passed

Board should establish working group to Redesign Championships. The membership should agree and vote on an overarching vision at the May Membership meeting, or via a survey sent out. The working group would be headed by the chief judge and would be responsible for formatting classes at Championships, discussing the championship schedule (including a potential split championships weekend or split weekend schedule) and handling other potential options to make Championships more successful.

Survey for membership to talk about potential items for the committee

  1. 10.Pass/Fail-32 votes for 5 against- Passed

No more than 1 person per organization can be in the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and secretary at any one time. This rule would apply to those individuals who make decisions regarding the unit at any time during the season or attend rehearsals in any way other than a general supporter (family, friend). It includes Director, Financial Director. It does not include any family members.

  1. 11.Pass/Fail- Withdrawn

Create a class that will allow for overage members to perform but at a different level then what is offered in the current IW class.

Other new business:

Patches ordered and will be sent out this week to individuals who have ordered them. 

Motion to adjourn:  Vince Hodges

2nd:  Jennifer Carrasco


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