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May Meeting Notes


Membership Meeting May 15, 2016


Old Business: 

Approve Minutes of November Meeting

  • motion – Corinne Greenrod
  • second – Shauna Hodges

Any other items carried over

  • Spin clinic update – Partnering with Blue Knights – Mountain High SpinFest
    • August 28 (Sunday) at Standley Lake High School
    • For instructors and students
    • Looking for instructional support
    • More info will be posted on RMCGA as it becomes available
      • Working out fee scale

Contest Items:

  • Question was posed:  Is there any way to have the same judges for the lower classes but have them switch for the upper classes?
    • as our circuit grows we will need to re-think the schedule for championships
    • this year we had 62 units perform at championships
    • a shorter day may save the circuit money (related to paying for personnel)

Budget Items: 

  • Review Budget from 2016 and discuss options for 2017
    • The budget does not reflect championships as we have not yet received the bill
    • Judges were the biggest cost – over budget
      • $10,000 in airfare alone
    • lost money on the regional this year
    • WGI raised fees this year
      • WGI does not offer price breaks for seniors/students but the circuit tries to make show attendance more affordable, but spectators continue to complain about the ticket prices
  • Comment from the floor:  Regarding out-of-state judges, maybe we should limit them to WGI certified judges rather than just “out-of-state”.
    • Added only bringing judges in once per season
    • Another comment regarding requiring our local judges to get certified using the WGI judging academy that was discussed last year ($125 for levels 1&2) – online training
    • Schedule additional trainings using WGI qualified judges who are in town for shows
    • The membership agrees that they would prefer to have the local judges go through the training in order to provide the highest quality of adjudication
    • This was discussed at the November meeting, but there was pushback and it was not pursued this year
    • Since it is too late for a proposal, could this be tabled to the board?
    • Saving $$ from paying for out-of-state judges could enable the circuit to help pay for the training for in-state judges which could help to grow the judging talent locally and save $$ for the circuit
      • End of season rebate for completing the trainings and judging a certain number of shows

New Business: 

  • BK experience – July 9
    • GM Kuzma
      • 9am-5pm
      • winds, percussion, color guard, drum majors, etc.
      • available for all levels of experience
      • $40, $50 at the door (with ticket) or $20, $30 at the door (without ticket) fee covers: Tshirt, lunch, dinner, a ticket to DATR as part of the package (but may opt out)
      • directors are invited to attend as instructors
    • Spark – for marching band
      • $75 gets dinner and a prime seat at DATR
      • inside the stadium on the club level
        • how to make your band better
        • music & sound
        • amplification & electronics
        • visual design
  • DVDs from previous years are available for a donation

Judging Items: Kevin – unable to attend

  • Some people emailed Kevin directly with judging concerns
  • Concern regarding getting inappropriate feedback for the class using the sheets
  • Unprofessional comments on judging tapes
  • We need a place to voice those concerns regarding judges
    • Use the WGI judging evaluation form – formatted as a Google Doc and link on the website
    • How or when do these concerns get addressed?  There have been concerns stated previously but the judges continue to be hired.
  • Suggestion for the board to have a say in hiring and setting the judging panels for the season.
  • Chief Judge is appointed and applications should be accepted every year…the last time applications were solicited was 2 years ago.
  • Suggestion to allot a certain amount of money for judges per show so the budget is not maxed out within the first half of the season.
  • Currently the circuit goes through a travel agent, Kevin books the airfare and hotel, then notifies Peggy to pay
    • We need more checks and balances from the Board

Class review:

  • Cadet – a place for groups to start with exposure to winter guard
    • Something cute and fun
    • Most of the members were children of RMCGA staff
    • Discussion about not judging them and scoring them…rank if more than 1 participant
  • Novice – middle school class
    • Most of the guard is in middle school with the possibility of 1-2 high schoolers (on a case-by-case basis)
  • Regional A – entry level class
    • Largest class in the circuit
    • Uses Regional A sheets
  • Scholastic A
    • 2nd largest class in the circuit
    • uses Scholastic A sheets
  • Scholastic Open, Scholastic World, then all independent classes mirror the Scholastic classes…
  • Discussion about the progression over the past few years…we had national classes then the membership voted to get rid of them, units continued in Novice for several years…lol

WGI Regional:

  • WGI is looking to double the regionals for 2017, which may impact our request for judges throughout the season, but the schedule has not yet been set
  • WGI Denver Regional is scheduled for XXXXX
  • We need to start looking at contest venues within 150 miles from Denver.
    • If you know of a site that could host on a Saturday from February __ – March __, please notify Kendra ASAP.  WGI asks Kendra which weekends we have a site available.
    • RMCGA is the host and pays the fees
    • The site is reimbursed by RMCGA.
    • Needs to seat 1500 – 2000
    • May get preferential
  • Seeing as how we lost money, is it still worth it to host a regional in Denver?
    • Dakota Ridge is tentatively listed as the location
  • WGI board meeting is next weekend so we may get more info at that time

Proposed Contest Schedule for 2017:

  • January 21, 2017 – eval?
  • January 28, 2017
  • February 4, 2017
  • February 11, 2017
  • February 18, 2017
  • February 25, 2017
  • March 4, 2017
  • March 11, 2017
  • March 18, 2017
  • March 25, 2017
  • RMCGA Championships – first hold at DU for April 1st
  • WGI World Championships –

Discuss and vote on proposals:

  • Proposal 1 discussion (member-at-large):  each member should be from a different class level (similar to former task force) in order to add more voices from the membership to Board decisions
    • Motion to vote for amended proposal
    • Yes: 39 – passed
    • No:  0
  • Proposal 2 discussion (board affiliation): it is important for the board to vote for the best interests of the entire circuit; it was previously voted in as a result of Solstice having 3 representatives on the board; is a family member (Peggy) having a grandchild in Solstice cadets considered an affiliation;
    • Yes:  27 – passed
    • No:  9
  • Proposal 3 discussion (contest locations):  what would be defined as each location?;  what do we do about locations that do not have applications to host in a specific month?; what if another school has a better location?, what about the western slope? – we have never sent a complete system over – Francisco provided a floor and speakers; Friday night shows are also possibilities for hosting, however it runs into problems with getting guards to go to the show & getting supplies to each show
      • “south” – Castle Rock south
      • “north” – 136th north
    • Yes:  16
    • No:  21 – not passed
  • Proposal 4 discussion (contest determination):  Athletic Directors don’t know schedules for spring ahead of time; a few ADs prefer to have schedules set before August; how do other circuits have the opportunity to get a schedule set before September 1?
    • Conest sites are decided by November 1st giving priority to the schools that apply by that time and by best facility; if another school applies for the same date after November 1st they will not trump the earlier application
    • Kristina withdrew the proposal
  • Proposal 5 discussion (championship format):  current judging dinner is 30 minutes, however doing a single performance then awards would reduce the time needed for scheduling; some guards enjoy the possibility of 2 shows; the kids aren’t complaining about the schedule, it is the parents; could impact the judging schedule; the WGI caliber guards are not being exposed to prelims/finals; having a “1 and done” show hinders the larger classes because even with rounds things can flip; this may be the only time that all guards are performing together; it would be nice to give the kids an opportunity to have the retreat experience without waiting until 10pm or 11pm; need to consider federal driving laws for transportation;
    • Yes:   13
    • No:  25 – not passed
  • Proposal 6 discussion (judge evaluations):  unit directors would complete the survey by the 2nd week after WGI; evaluations are submitted to the board so they can be edited for validity; results could be discussed at the May membership meeting
    • As amended
    • Yes: 40 – passed
    • No: 0
  • Proposal 7 discussion (judge concerns):  this situation could be remedied by the implementation of a monthly evaluation
    • Amended to go to the Board then passed to the Chief Judge
    • Yes:  36 – passed
    • No: 1
  • Proposal 8 discussion (Regional A split):
    • Submitting member did not attend – withdrawn
  • Proposal 9 discussion (Promotions after Championships):  is this being done to even out the classes or to allow the students to be successful in a higher class?; if you are promoted after championships you go into your marching season knowing that you are preparing for the higher class; many programs are consistently rebuilding; who would review the letters of extenuating circumstances? – the board
    • Yes:  26 – passed
    • No: 7
  • Proposal 10 discussion (Promotions after Championships):  a new instructor would be considered an extenuating circumstance;  only applies to prelim/finals guards
    • Yes: 23 – passed
    • No: 1
  • Proposal 11 discussion (Cadet class):  cadet class was created just for young kids without being competitive; never voted on by the membership as a proposal; Adam wrote a proposal last year that separated out Middle School and Novice and was tabled to the board; the board discussed it and determined that all Novice was comprised of middle schoolers and would be combined under Novice
    • Amended to state that Cadet class remains, Middle School (8th grade and below) is a feeder class (complete the scholastic letter), and Novice is restructured to include high school students
    • Yes:  35 – passed
    • No:  0
  • Proposal 12 discussion (Novice class):  1st or 2nd year is clarified as new director or first year having a winter guard; how will it be monitored?
    • Amended: remove 1st or 2nd year units to state units that are beginners or unable to compete at the RA level (instructor’s discretion)
    • Yes:  34 – passed
    • No:  1
  • Proposal 13 discussion (Scholastic AA class):  units promoted from RA to SA during the season were not competitive with current SA units; previous use of the National classes shows that they were not successful as intended; some current RA guards may move to the new Novice class and SA guards may move to RA; guards are not required to attend the evaluation show, so who is responsible for determining which guards can be in each class?; additional classes will result in additional cost for medals and banners and awards
    • Yes:  5
    • No:  26 – did not pass
  • Proposal 14 discussion (Promotion):  the board will make the final decision; the circuit does not have a Chief Judge that can be trusted to make the decisions regarding class placement; the current promotion policy was proposed at a time when the circuit had the national classes; look at how many times groups have been promoted and how successful the unit was
    • Amended proposal – dismissing current promotional scores then the rest is tabled to the board
    • Yes:  39 – passed
    • No: 0


Vice President nominee(s) – Jenn Carrasco

  • Nominations from the floor:
  • Jenn accepted the position

Secretary nominee(s) – Jeff Hargis  – withdrew nomination, Corinne Greenrod

  • Nominations from the floor:
  • Corinne accepted the position

Member-at-Large nominee(s) – Marvin Goodwin (Novice/RA/SA), Adam Abraham (Novice)

  • 1 year term – 3 positions from different classes
  • Nominations from the floor:  Danniel Isaac (RA/SA/IA), Liz Haan (IRA/IA), Ashley Cook (RA/SA/IA)

Current Board members:  Vince Hodges (President) – Solstice, Jenn Carrasco (VP) – Pomona, Pomona JV, Malachi, Jonette Dukart (Secretary) – no affiliation, Peggy Sparks (Treasurer) – no affiliation, Member-at-Large – Anthony Mondragon

  • New board positions will take effect July 1, 2016
  • Current board members will work with incoming members until then

Items to carry over:

  • eAdjudicate requirements for local judges
  • Board may need to have a greater say in hiring the judges and helping to set the judging panels for the competition season
    • Solicit feedback on out-of-state judges from unit directors
  • Discuss promotion requirements

Motion to adjourn:  Jenn Carrasco

2nd:  Shauna Hodges

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