Don’t have an instructional staff? Don’t have the funds to travel and compete? Color guard doesn’t have to be a competitive sport — it can be just like an after-school club!

Programs who do not fit the criteria or have the capability to compete in any of RMCGA’s traditional classes may opt to compete in Club Class. This class is reserved for programs with the most limited of resources (e.g. self-taught scholastic programs, significant geographic isolation, limited rehearsal space).

For $50 a competitive season, teams in Club Class may submit their performances through video (up to three times per competitive season) to receive feedback and improve the most fundamental of skills in equipment, movement, and design. These teams are also able to perform in exhibition at a local contest, following exhibition guidelines (request must be made to at least three weeks prior to the date requested; may perform in exhibition once during a season at no charge).

Performing members in Club Class cannot perform in other RMCGA units. Timing rules: Programs should not be longer than four minutes. Registration will open with traditional units in the fall.