Job Title: Color Guard Director
Location: Adams City High School
Compensation: $1800 for the Fall Season, with potential for Winter Guard
Contact: Brendan Parker & Cristian Donis
(720) 388-8579
Posted: 5/22/2024
Description: Adams City High School is actively looking for a Colorguard Director. Last season was the first time our program has ever had a Winterguard. The ideal candidate will be ready and willing to work at a high-needs high school. The program is fresh and the direction will be 100 percent up to you. The school is ready and willing to support a full year program. . Rehearsal days will M,W,F 3-5:30pm. Please reach out for questions.
Job Title: Color Guard Director
Location: Northglenn HS
Compensation: $600/month
Contact: Eric Stehle,
Posted: 5/17/2024
Description: The color guard director is responsible for teaching equipment and dance basics, Choreographing the color guard for the marching band program, assisting Band Director and other staff with design of the show. Responsible for costuming decisions and fitting for the color guard.
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-2p through the summer, 4 day band camp at the end of July, during the school year Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9p, attendance at all competitions and football games are mandatory. The full schedule is available upon request.
Job Title: Weapon Specialist
Location: Loveland
Compensation: $2000-3500 per season based on availability
Contact: Katelyn Kellogg,
Posted: 5/17/2024
Description: Loveland High School is seeking applicants for a weapon specialist to join our team for both fall and winter seasons. Loveland is an actively growing community in Northern Colorado which serves over 1500 students. Guards are active in CBA, BOA, WGI, and RMCGA. The colorguard program is committed to fostering an inclusive and healthy environment while effectively growing our membership.

Job Responsibilities:
– Work with Director of Guards and other color guard staff to develop a weapon (rifle and sabre) training program and train students in area of weapon
– Work with Director of Guards and other color guard and design staff to choreograph for weapon (rifle and sabre)
– Attend regular rehearsals (and class time, if available)
– Attend competitions, if available
– Communicate effectively with fellow guard and band staff
– Act with intentionality to create a positive and educational experience for all students

– Ability to effectively coach new and experienced performers in the area of both rifle and sabre
– Ability to effectively and appropriately choreograph weapon moments in both marching band and winter guard programs
– Previous coaching experience preferred
– WGI and/or DCI performer experience preferred
– Ability to pass background check Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings and Saturdays (August-October)

Compensation is negotiable based on availability. If interested, please contact Katelyn Kellogg, Director of Guards, at
Job Title: Color Guard Instructor
Location: The Classical Academy
Compensation: $1200-1600
Contact: Christina Schwartz Soper,
Posted: 4/24/2024
Description: The defending 5 time CBA 2A champions are looking for a new and dynamic person to take over their Colorguard Program. Great kids, staff and school.

Outside Job Posting:
Job Title: Equipment & Movement Technicians
Location: Montrose, CO
Contact: Natasha Zepeda,
Posted: 4/20/2024
Description: Montrose High School is currently looking to expand its staff for the 2024 Fall season through that of movement and equipment technicians, writing for the SRA-SA level. Rehearsals run from 4pm-7pm on Mondays and 4pm-6pm on Thursdays and Fridays with occasional rehearsals on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.
Compensation will be provided, please email for further details.
Job Title: Color Guard Director
Location: Broomfield High School
Compensation: $3950, negotiable
Contact: Sarah Wagner,
Posted: 4/8/2024
Description: Broomfield High School is looking to hire a Colorguard Director! We are a competitive marching band that competes at ~4 competitions yearly, all home football games, and at local community parades. Broomfield is looking for someone who has some director experience and is comfortable choreographing work for our students. Band camp is scheduled for July 22 through August 3, (9:00 – 4:00 pm), and rehearses regularly after school on all Mondays and Wednesdays (4:30 – 7:30 pm) and Saturdays (9:00 – 3:00pm). For a more specific schedule, or any questions, please reach out directly to Sarah Wagner (
Job Title: Mead High School Color Guard Instructor
Location: Mead High School
Compensation: $1,500
Contact: Abigail Judy
(724) 944-2986
Posted: 1/10/2024
Description: The Mead High School Marching Band is looking for a color guard instructor! We’re a non competitive marching band that performs at football games, parades, 2 marching band festivals, and occasional community events. Our color guard has 2 seasons under its belt and currently has 7 members, though we hope to continue growing! Band camp 2024 is July 29-Aug. 6. The full marching band rehearses as a class at school that takes place every other school day. Marching band class ends at 2:45, but we stay until 3:30 to extend our rehearsals. The guard instructor is welcome to attend these rehearsals, but it is not expected. Our guard typically rehearses for 2 hours one night per week to work on choreography so that they can focus on drill in class. Please reach out to Abby Judy ( for more details!

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