Evaluation- January 25, 2020 Prairie View High School

Prairie View High School

12909 E 120th Ave, Henderson CO 80640

Site Information

Performance Gym

Warm Up Flow

Body Warm Up

Timing Line

Equipment Warm Up & Prop Storage


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Performance Schedule

Please note that this event is technically not open to the public as we do not have the full use of the school.  You will have space in the cafeteria to store your minimal items (along the edges) prior to your performance, but they must be moved to your vehicles as soon as possible after you perform. If you need to refold your performance floor it can be done in the middle of the cafeteria. There are no changing facilities available so please come ready to perform.

For this event you will not have a separate body warm up space as listed on the maps (soon to be found on the RMCGA website). Props and warmup will be in the small gym.  If you have large (quantity or size) props, please let Kendra know prior to this day.

Please ensure that your space is completely clear of trash before you leave the facility.

Schedules for the regular RMCGA shows will be sent via CompetitionSuite, this one was too different to put into that format.