2022 Procedures


A. Membership Application

In order for your unit to begin competing in the Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association (RMCGA), you must first submit a membership application. This application can be found and filled out on the Competition Suite.  This needs to be completed every year.

B. Fees and Obligations

  1. Annual Association Fees Refer to the Membership Application for a complete list of fees.** Please note that membership fees are nonrefundable once paid.**
  2. Performance Bond
    For all new guards, there is a one-time $50 performance bond payable with your membership fee. If your unit becomes inactive for 1 season or more, the performance bond must be repaid when your unit becomes active with RMCGA in the future.Units that enter a contest and are either a “no-show” or withdraw after the performance schedule has been published will forfeit their performance bond. In order to compete in another RMCGA contest, the unit must pay $150 to the RMCGA Contest Director. From the funds received, RMCGA will replace the forfeited performance bond with $50 and pay $100 to the affected show sponsor.
  3. Volunteers
    Each unit is required to provide at least two volunteers to help with the WGI Regional and/or State Championships. These volunteers can either work one event or split it between both events.

C. COVID-19 Policies

  1.  As per CDC and individual school district policies, we require that all guard and staff members adhere to these procedures for the safety of all participating parties. It is the responsibility of guard directors to continue to follow the requirements for said school’s home policies concerning the same and follow such.

D. Contests

  1. Requirements for Entering Contests
    In order to compete in any contest, you must have a current membership application on file, be current on dues, and a performance bond. All units are required to compete within the first three judged contests of the season. Units are not required to be evaluated at the preview show or by video prior to their first contest. Exceptions may be made due to an Act of God, as defined in the bylaws. The consequence for not competing within the first three judged contests of the season is performing in exhibition at State Championships. In order to compete at State Championships, each unit must compete in a minimum of three RMCGA competitions and/or the WGI Denver Regional. Novice units have a minimum of only two RMCGA contests to be eligible for State Championships. Each unit must compete in at least one RMCGA competition and/or the WGI Denver Regional in the same class as entered for the State Championships show. If a unit is located outside the Denver Metro or Colorado Springs area and will not be able to attend the required minimum (three competitions), please submit a written request to the RMCGA Board of Directors for the above requirement to be waived.
  2. Competition Class
    After reading the RMCGA class definitions, determine which class best fits you and your members. The Chief Judge will review all units’ classifications and will notify you if you are found to be in the wrong class. Changes in class must be made in writing to the Contest Director 14 days prior to the contest, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. Contest Entry
    Registration for contests is now going to be done through Competition Suite. Only the administrator that is assigned to the unit has the ability to register for shows and make changes.
  4. Exhibitions
    Any group who is not an active RMCGA member may request to perform in exhibition at any contest. This request must be made in writing to the Contest Director at least three weeks prior to the date requested. Units may perform in exhibition once during a season at no charge. If a unit would like to perform in exhibition more than once, they must be a paid Associate Member of RMCGA.Exhibitions are to be non-judged. If a judged exhibition is requested, the unit must be a fully paid member at the current membership price.
  5. WGI Denver Regional
    The WGI Denver Regional will be included as part of the RMCGA regular season schedule. The WGI Denver Regional will be included in Membership Dues, subject to WGI’s current years fees.

E. Spiel Sheet
Spiel Sheets will be submitted through Competition Suite.

F. Order of Appearance
Order of appearance in a contest will be determined by a random draw within each class.

The Cadet and Middle School class may be moved to a later time in order for them to perform for a larger audience.

Requests for a change in contest order can be submitted to the Contest Director at least 14 days before the contest. The Contest Director will then contact all units from the affected class(es). Schedule changes will only be made if there is a consensus among all competing units in the affected class(es).

Changes in performance times for individual units may occur on the day of a contest only when impacted by an Act of God, as stated in the bylaws. The unit director is responsible for contacting the Contest Director. The contest director will then discuss the request with the other unit(s) in that class to determine if a later performance time will be granted

G. Seeding for State Championships

All units will be seeded for state championships using their most recent competitive score (including the WGI Denver Regional) increased by 1.5 points per week till the end of the competitive calendar. The resulting ranking will be used to determine performance order at state championships.

Using these rankings in each class, preliminary performance will be determined as a reverse order where the highest ranking unit performs last. In classes where rounds are needed, all odd numbered rankings will perform in one round and even number rankings will perform in a separate round. The top half of scoring units in that classification will advance on to finals, always taking the middle unit should a class have an odd number of competitors. These units will perform in reverse order based on their preliminary score, with the highest scoring unit performing last. Color guards with identical scores or seeds will randomly be assigned as to which performs first. Finals competition will be in reverse order with the highest preliminary score, regardless of round, performing last up to 24 units.

H. Judges
There will be a single panel of judges at all regular season contests. At State Championships, the panel of judges will be split between 5 judges from out of the State and 5 judges within Colorado.

  • Downstairs judges: Equipment and Movement
  • Upstairs judges: Ensemble Analysis, General Effect 1, General Effect 2
  • Floor judge: Timing and Penalties

I. Mid Season Promotions:

At the evaluation/preview show, or during the season, the chief judge may promote any team when the judging panel believes that team will be competitive in the top half of the class into which the team is to be promoted. Promotions may not occur after the first Saturday in March. A proper ceremony with pins/medals and music should be accorded to any teams achieving promotion at a competitive show.

In addition to the Judging panel as a collective whole is very confident that the unit should finish in the top half of the next class up if promoted, the Board of Directors will need to approve the promotion. This method would require judges and the Board to correspond with each other to determine if this is a high enough probability to justify a promotion.

In the event that either or both of these things occur, as a courtesy, the staff of the unit would be notified ahead of the retreat when the announcement will be made. The announcement will be made accordingly:

Announce all units in order from last to 2nd place. Before announcing 1st place, ceremonial music begins, followed by an announcement for all of the units members and staff to join their captains on the floor. Once all members and staff are on the floor with their captains, the announcement is made “And in 1st place, with a score of X. Please welcome the newest member of the (insert class here).

Lastly, if a unit is officially promoted, but their show does not meet timing requirements for the next class up, the timing penalties shall be waived for the remainder of the season, so long as they met the timing requirements of the class they originally signed up for.

A promoted unit must remain in the division they are promoted to for the remainder of the season.

J. Promotions after Championships:

A. Finals Promotions
Any color guard that attends State Championships and advances to finals from the preliminary competition round may not compete in a lower class the following season. If a color guard must perform in the higher division the following year but is not ready, the director may submit a letter on extenuating circumstances on why this would adversely affect their color guard. The RMCGA Board of Directors may then re-open the review and decide whether the circumstances warrant a reversal of the reclassification. In addition, the color guard may utilize their evaluation for consideration to return to the lower class of competition.
If a unit competing in A Class has placed in the top 3  at State Championships for 3 consecutive seasons, that unit must undergo a rigorous evaluation process and must either petition to stay in A Class or move to Open Class. These units must remain in Open Class for one full season before moving to a lower class.
B. Scholastic Regional A Promotions
The top three Scholastic Regional A Class finalists from State Championships will be promoted to the next higher class of competition for the following season. If a color guard is promoted, the director may submit a letter on extenuating circumstances on why this would adversely affect their color guard. The RMCGA Board of Directors may then re-open the review and decide whether the circumstances warrant a reversal of the reclassification. In addition, the color guard may utilize their evaluation for consideration to return to the lower class of competition.

K. Contest Day Information

1. Contest rules
RMCGA contests will be run using Winter Guard International rules. The RMCGA Board of Directors shall rule upon requests for exemption from the Winter Guard International rules.

2. Protests
Any protest regarding a contest will be reviewed by the RMCGA Board of Directors, and will be acted upon accordingly. Protests MUST be filed in writing to the Contest Director or Chief Judge by the Monday following the contest.

3. Check-in
Directors must check units in. Directors will receive a packet at check-in that contains any last minute information for that contest, as well as your 7 wristbands for staff, floor/prop helpers, parent chaperones, and/or bus drivers.

 Note: RMCGA will not admit anyone at “no charge” so please distribute the wristbands wisely.
L. Badges
These badges will allow admittance into all RMCGA contests. Badges must be visible at all times. If you do not have your badge at the contest, you will either need to pay admission or use one of your wristbands.
  • Each unit will receive one RMCGA badge for the Unit Director (Band Directors for Scholastic Units will also receive one badge).
  • If your badge is lost, it can be replaced for $25.00.
  • Each unit who has at least one representative at the RMCGA November meeting will begiven one extra badge for the season.Performing members will be admitted into the performance gym with their hand stamp. When available, performing members are required to sit on the back side of the floor. If rear seating is not available, performing members should sit toward the outermost edges of the stands. Leave the front stands and most central stands for paying spectators.
  • Units found violating this request may be assessed penalties and possible disqualifications. RMCGA badges will not allow admittance into the Winter Guard International Regional contest.
  1. Floors, Carts and Props
    Props can be unloaded one hour prior to your performance time. If you need more than one hour, please contact the Contest Director.Floors and props are to be stored in the designated prop storage area. For all shows, you must remove all props from the contest site as soon as possible after your performance, unless otherwise noted. This will help to relieve congestion in the prop storage area. Let the contest director know if you would like to refold your floor following the contest.
  2. Equipment/Prop Inspection
    Inspection may happen any time prior to your performance. The rules for inspection as stated in the Winter Guard International Rule Book will be adhered to. Basically, anything that could damage the floor will not be allowed.
  3. Areas within the School
    We need to respect the wishes of the school in order to continue to hold shows at any location. Any unit found violating these rules may be assessed penalties and possible disqualifications.

    • Please do an inspection of your unit’s designated staging area at the end of the day to make sure all trash, equipment and belongings are cleaned up.
    • All food must be eaten in the designated areas.
    • Spinning is not allowed in any hallways or spaces except the designated warm-up areas. This is a safety issue for anyone traveling through the hallways as well as a concern for damage to our host schools. Any unit found violating this item may be assessed penalties and possible disqualification.
  4. Guard Staging Areas
    This is the location where your guard is allowed to put belongings and do minimal stretching. People must be able to pass through your area.
  • All units are asked to vacate their staging area in a specified time frame in a reasonable amount of time after performing at the discretion of the show host, units may stay if space is available.
  • Your unit must clean up the staging area.
  • If your unit chooses to stay for the remainder of show, you are asked to store belongings in your vehicles. Please advise your members that it is not wise to leave valuables in the staging areas. RMCGA and the host schools cannot be responsible for any losses. Any unit found violating this request may be assessed penalties and possible disqualification.
  1. Sound Check
    Sound check will be allowed 1 hour prior to the contest start time and during breaks at all RMCGA shows including State Championships. The volume will be set using the WGI requirement of a decibel meter. The purpose of sound check is to adjust speed and to ensure your music (CD, media device, etc) will play in the RMCGA system.
  2. Warm-up areas
    It is up to the unit director to ensure their unit arrives at warm-up on time. If you do not wish to go to all warm-up locations, please let the Contest Director know. A member of the contest staff will direct you to leave the warm up areas at your scheduled time. Please listen to these individuals, they will be in constant contact with the performance gym and will inform you of any delay of show. If there is a problem, please inform the Contest Director.

M. Critique
Most shows will have a critique afterward. Refer to the show information for critique details. Please contact the Chief Judge if you have any questions.

N. Video Policy
Per the information provided from the WGI conference in Las Vegas, RMCGA will no longer be selling DVDs of unit performances. This is due to copyright laws. If someone chooses to record a unit’s performance and posts it online, they will be held liable for any copyright violations. RMCGA will make announcements at each contest informing the audience of these policies.

O. Photography Policy
Only non-professional cameras will be allowed into the competition area except with permission from the Contest Director. For the safety of the performers, there is a strict NO FLASH policy. Please check to make sure that your flash is off before the contest begins.

P. Hosting Contests

A. Application Form/Process
If your unit wishes to host a contest, make sure your location fits all the needs of a contest site. You can determine this by reading the Contest Sponsor packet checklist. Fill out an application to sponsor a contest. Once the application has been signed by the unit director and a building supervisor, submit it along with a check for $100.00 (for each show applying for) to the RMCGA Treasurer. Units will be notified by the Contest Director if your unit is awarded a contest.

B. Host Fee
Upon completion of a hosted contest, the sponsoring unit will pay RMCGA the remaining host fee within one week. The remaining host fee will be based on the schedule found in the Contest Sponsor application packet. You may either pay this remaining fee via check or BINGO transfer.

Q.Miscellaneous Information

A. Age-outs and Seniors
Age-outs and high school seniors will have the opportunity to put a paragraph and picture in the championship program. Additional information will be put on the RMCGA website and the RMCGA Facebook page.

B. Souvenir Selling
Any active RMCGA unit may sell souvenirs at any RMCGA contest. The charge for the space is $25.00 for the entire season. This charge does not include the WGI Regional or State Championships. No items may be sold that will interfere with the host school’s concessions. Units must bring their own tables.

  • Selling at the WGI Regional will be granted through the Regional sponsor.
  • Selling at State Championships will be granted based on RMCGA’s agreement with the venue.

C. Code of Conduct
RMCGA adheres to the WGI Code of Conduct. Each person receiving an RMCGA badge (unit director, judge, contest staff member, etc) will receive a hard copy in which they will be expected to sign each year. If you are found to violate any section of this code, your RMCGA badge will be revoked for the remainder of the season.All unit directors are responsible for the actions of their performers as well as the staff of that organization.

D. Recruitment Policy
RMCGA encourages all high school students to participate in their respective high school winter guard programs. The time for high school participation only exists for one moment in life. There is time to participate with independent programs following graduation. Independent, or mixed school units, will not recruit from high school programs without notification of, and communication with the band director(s). If any situation arises where a high school student, whose high school is an active member of RMCGA, wishes to be involved with an independent unit, the parents, students and instructors should communicate with each other to ascertain the best option for the student. In an effort to foster professional courtesy and communication, the independent units should provide a letter of intent to the high school student’s instructors and band director to adequately inform all involved of the student’s wishes and the independent unit’s intentions. This notification should be made no later than one week after the student attends their first rehearsal of an independent unit.

Units may not take members who have outstanding dues to another organization, punishable by disqualification if no meaningful attempts (through direct communication with the unit director) were made by the unit to become aware of the issue and should the issue go unresolved. Issues that go unresolved will be decided by the board president.

If you have any questions about any information within this document, please contact any member of the RMCGA Board of Directors.


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