November Meeting Notes

November 12th 2017 Ascend Offices 

RMCGA Meeting: 

Motion to approve sping minutes- Trianna

Seconded by Scott Mcgiveron


Changes? Additions? None brought to the attention of the board

Move to approve the budget- Scott McGiveron

Seconded by Tammy

WGI Symposium

  • Memo- Rule changes
  • Email about rule changes sent out
  • WGI is working with Disney to move championships to Orlando in 2020- Once class at the beginning. Everything would be on the ground of Disney world- they are in the talking stages of this
  • Flow Marching- In talks to broadcast championships, Zero cost to us for championships and is waiting to hear back on that.


  • you are responsible for any copyright infringement
  • Competition Suite- Will have critique sign up in compsuite, voting for proposals
  • Download music into competition suite.

Code of conduct

  • Discussion around enforcing the code of conduct
  • Behave appropriately on Facebook and social media
  • Ensure that you are not defaming other groups on Facebook

Recruiting Discussion

  • Please do not recruit, we would prefer them to not. Put rules into effect if money is owed etc. Can’t reinforce anything without any sort of evidence.

Denver Regional

  • Groups not registering? Band directors not able to talk about winter yet, classes not available etc.
  • Rebate- 100$
  • Spoke with a couple more world teams but haven’t heard back.

Judging items

  • William Chumley
  • Juding panel review, Would like to see KC Michel overview at least once more later in the season
  • Judge meeting in a couple weeks to review the training and items needed
  • Preview show, needing a site- Last weekend in January 27th 2017- Hosting evaluation get partial dues back for hosting
  • Evaluation required? He needs to see a video or they need to attend for A class groups

March 31st- Canon City interested

Looking at different schedules for championships

Pricing on tickets? Would the new schedule hurt the circuit and not allow us to pay for it?

It would be the same pricing we would lose a little bit, but everyone would have to pay for a full day ticket.

Send an email for feedback on the championship ideas.

New Business?

Feb 3rd, Feb 17th, March 24th/31st, Francisco- looking for housing accommodations for his teams. Contact the board or him if you are available.

Motion to Adjourn

Scot Mcgiveron

Daniell Isaac Seconded




  • Opus,Legend, Englewood, Wheat Ridge- Tammy Hobson
  • Dakota Ridge- Marissa Keating
  • Arvada West, Elizabeth, Rise, Prairie View- Abby Caven
  • Skyview- Kirby Goode
  • Highlands Ranch- Stephanie Totman
  • Canon City- Courtney Richardson/Josh Race
  • Monarch- Aaron Moss
  • Anesidora- Scot McGiveron
  • Central HS- Francisco Castaneda
  • Chaparral, Northglenn, Fairview- Danniell Isaac
  • Summit, Doherty, Palmer- Cori Martin
  • Malachi IW, Pomona- Jennifer Carrasco
  • Malachi IA- Jim Zimmerman
  • Malachi Minis- Lindsay Thomas
  • Arvada HS- Triana Weller
  • Eaglecrest HS- Krystal Farley
  • Malachi IRA, Green Mountain- Corinne Greenrod
  • Pisteou- Melissa Abraham, Adam Abraham
  • Mesa Ridge IO, IA, and IRA- Michael Malewit

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