Wgi symposium

WGI Circuit Partners Symposium in New Orleans.

Some rule changes for the 2018 season as we prepare for our seasons.

Legal equipment has been redefined to include “equipment that resembles a rifle” i.e. sickle rifle. They need to be 24 inches in length. If you have anything you would like to run by someone you can email Dale Powers at WGI for more clarification.

A staff member can use a remote control from the stands to operate lights and or a prop in the show, i.e. the device Avon HS used and moved around their show un attended last

The Dayton arena is currently under construction, so if you plan to attend this year here are a few points of interest that were shared with us.

The floor for 2018 will be concrete with the WGI tarp over it. New seating will be installed in the bottom layer of the arena.
​Props need to fit through a double wide door.
​All A and Open class finals competitions in Dayton will be free for performing members.
​Safety rules apply for set up and tear down as well as performance time, So railings, harnesses and padding applies to the individuals putting your props together and tearing them down.

Consultation for your design process is available through WGI 1 on 1.
​​$34.95 for a judge to provide feedback
​​$74.95 for a clinical to provided assistance during the design process.

There will be no video passes or designated video areas at any WGI show. If you tape and post on line you are responsible for any copyright violations.

WGI registration information
​Sept 15 will be for anyone attending Dayton and also regional sign ups for those units
​Sept 21 units only attending regionals
​Sept 27 Regional A units

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